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Hello, 2010.

I wish I would have planned photos out for this year's 365 project. 2009's lasted about 5 or so days but I think I'm doing a little better this year despite not surpassing 5 days yet because I want to do it and I'm forcing myself to shoot no matter what. I have a few ideas in mind at least, for now.

I also have a list of goals to share. :P

Go for a 30 minute walk at least 3 times a week
Hoop for 30 minutes a day (no matter what!)
Play DDR more often and have fun
Weigh at least 145 pounds by May
Drink tea at least once a day
Drink only water and tea for a month
Drink only water for a month
Try at least 15 different teas
Go without junk food for an entire month (I really need this to become a habit)

Spend every Tuesday off the computer (unless working on AP Psychology)
Be in bed by 12am every night for a week
Be up by 7:30am every morning for a week

Yeah, right

ME, MYSELF & I (Pampering) :
Grow hair out to BSL
S&D every month for split ends
Buy a new handbag

Maintain class rank
Prep for AP exams extensively
Register for fall semester classes and talk with adviser ASAP
Find my Rosetta Stone software and brush up and learn more of French

Obtain a job
Set aside at least $60 of paycheck every week when I can
Put all leftover change in a tin
Be frugal

Take camera with me everywhere (even if it is a pain to lug around)
Save for and buy the point and shoot camera on my wishlist
Work on a watercolor piece every month and frame it
Achieve this year's 365 project
Design an online portfolio and business cards
Create a hard sample book to show clients in person
Practice sculpting
Book shoots for people
Refinish a thrifted piece of furniture

Draw up a chart of books to read (so i know what to look for at the library)
Read at least 12 books or more this year
Read all of the books on my shelf that I have yet to read
See Alice in Wonderland for my birthday

Get my drivers license
Find a way to see Cirque du Soleil (!!!) when/if they come to Houston
Go the the cinema alone at least once
Learn to play chess
Make sushi at home
Learn how to crochet and sew

Clean out computer every month
Keep closet tidy
Arrange all photos in appropriate folders
Transfer all photo's onto discs, labeled correctly
Keep a one sentence journal
Tidy up room once a week
Don't let laundry pile up

Bake a full tray of cookies from scratch
Buy a plant and keep it alive for longer than 6 months
Leave at least 20 Operation Beautiful messages in random places.

Messy Texas Apartment

Messy Texas Apartment

This is what the apartment looked like shortly after we moved in. Dominica is in the kitchen with the fruit flower arrangement that had been sent to us by a friend in Houston. Liesl's big play pen was set up right in the living room as we had no furniture except for that one office chair that we had bought so that we would have something to sit on. Liesl just took her toys and spread them out all over the house. What a mess. A completely empty apartment and is still completely full of Liesl's mess!

buy right furniture houston

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