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  • An outlet store or factory outlet is a retail store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public through their own branded stores. The stores can be brick and mortar or online. Traditionally, a factory outlet was a store attached to a factory or warehouse.

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Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter HDP 650 6 Outlets and 1 Pr. Coax (MP HDP 650)

Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter HDP 650 6 Outlets and 1 Pr. Coax (MP HDP 650)

The Monster Power Blackout High Definition PowerCenterHDP 650 is a bold combination of design, engineering and convenient functionality. It's designed to give your delicate HDTV and digital AV electronics the advanced surge protection they need. The HDP 650 also features HD Clean Power noise filtration for better performance.The HDP 650 has a long, 6 ft power cord and FlatProfile Plug so you can easily connect to outlets that are behind furniture. The sleek black case matches the look of your AV components and features color-coded, illuminated graphics on the outlets for easy identification. And it includes four screw holes for optional wall-mounting.Common power surges, spikes and dips can occur multiple times a day and can easily damage or destroy the delicate digital circuitry in your home theater electronics. However, many ordinary surge protectors use only MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) with a limited surge absorption capacity, rated in Joules. If a surge's power exceeds the Joule capacity, any connected equipment is left vulnerable to surge damage.The HDP 650 gives your delicate HDTV and digital AV electronics the advanced protection they need. For a triple layer of safety, the HDP 650 protects against power surges and spikes on all three power lines (line, neutral, ground). With over 2160 Joules of surge absorption capacity, the HDP 650 provides a very high level of protection. The HDP 650 also features advanced ceramic-encased MOVs for additional

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This week’s big project has been rearranging the living room. Very happy about the new layout. The old one had been more or less based on the location of the three-prong outlets in the room. Now we’ve finally had an electrician out to switch out the outlets and do some other projects, so we were able to move the entertainment center to the stairwell wall. The new layout will let us put the AC back in this room for the summer (it’s been over 100 degrees this week), enjoy the fireplace more in the winter, and I think there’ll even be a good spot for the Christmas tree.

Jeff did the heavy lifting, moving the entertainment center and reattaching all the cables and cords. I handled the fine-tuning and arranging of furniture and end tables and lamps and so on, and of course Luke has been my big helper. Weeks ago, before this project was undertaken, Jeff was walking through the living room when Luke stopped him to say, “We need to move the furniture, Daddy. We need to move this sofa here and this sofa here and this chair over here. …And this lamp is just not working here.” Glad he’s getting something out of the HGTV shows we watch together.

John Lewis confirms Tamworth for next at home store

John Lewis confirms Tamworth for next at home store

Specialising in home techonology and furniture, the store is planned to open by autumn.

John Lewis today confirmed the 42,000 sq ft site it has leased at the Ventura Retail Park in the West Midlands will become the retailer’s next at home store, creating around 200 new jobs for the area.

The Tamworth site will join four other at home stores already trading, with an addition Newbury outlet planned to open in 2012.

Andy Street, John Lewis’ Managing Director stated “We believe our Tamworth shop will complement our full-line department store in Solihull and will provide our customers with a broader, more convenient shopping offer.”

The Tamworth site will be a ?7 million investment for the company, who foresee further expansion in the area when it opens a full-line department store in Birmingham city centre for 2014.

home furniture outlet center

home furniture outlet center

CabCool 802 Lite Dual 80mm Fan Cooling Kit for Cabinet & Home Theaters

Cabcool 802 Lite 5v Dual 80mm Fan Cooling Kit for Cabinet andamp; Home Theaters This "Lite" version of our Cabcool cooling kits is a great selection if you just want a no nonsense easy to install kit to keep your stuff cool. We paired our silent 5 volt fans with a wall wart style 2 prong ac adapter so you can power it from a standard wall socket or any entertainment device that has an outlet. Also available in a single 120mm and single 80mm versions A very quiet 5 volt stand alone system, perfect to go on when your AV amplifier goes on, or just run all the time. This is a complete kit for a dual fan unit (8. 25" x 4. 25" x 1. 25") that will quietly cool your cabinet or multimedia center. Can be mounted on any side of a cabinet, where room permits, by cutting a hole approximately 3/4" smaller on all sides of the outside bracket. Insert completed cooler assembly in hole and attach to cabinet with appropriate screws. Fan(s) can be set to blow into or out of the cabinet depending on your needs. Cooling Unit includes the following: (2) Coolerguys Ultra Quiet 80x80x25mm 5 Volt Fan with 4pin Connector (1) 110v AC to 5v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex (500mA) (1) Black Acrylic Fan bracket (8. 00" x 4. 25" x . 125") (4) Black 80mm fan grill Fan Screws to attach grill(s) Pack - 4" Nylon Multi-Purpose Tie Black 1/2" black Cabinet screw(s) All necessary screws, cables, and fasteners to complete the unit are included Completed dimensions: 8. 00" x 4. 25" x 1. 25" General Instructions for CabCool Cabinet Cooler Kits (574 kb pdf) Note: This unit is not expandable and cannot be used with our thermal controller.

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